I am true neutral! :O

I was just thinking to myself, and the four pen and paper characters I’ve played that are the closest to my heart have an amazing trend.  Apart from all having a secret and going by two names >.> they all are neutral in some sort of way, but still completely different.

Neutral Evil - Isis Salone: "I’ve tried all the right ways to find answers!  But I found none.  So now, I’ll find them through other means."
(D&D 4th)

Neutral Good - Claude Winters: "We don’t need to fight our way through this.  Let me talk to them. I can convince them otherwise." (D&D 4th)

Chaotic Neutral - Hector “Hex” Pace: "Don’t worry, I’m sanctioned.  That mean’s I’m probably not going to summon a demon by mistake when I heal that paper cut, but you never know.”
(Dark Heresy)

Lawful Neutral - Bjorn Månunklo: "I will protect my family, no matter what."

I enjoy playing them for all different reasons, but I think its safe for me to fall back on the fact that while they have strong emotions and motives, they are pretty passive about other things.  Be they reckless or careful, cold or loving, I never feel like I can’t justify their actions whenever I play.






Even though i dont understand. I understand


I have discovered the magic of shrinkable plastic!

Since I just finished watching the new sailor moon with my brother, i wanted to test out the stuff with a theme.  So i cut out some moons and roses and chained them together very simply.  The bracelet has a very lose fit with a lobster clasp.  I’m really happy with the way this turned out.  I just need to cook it next time a little longer so it sits perfectly flat, and find a way to make sure it comes out with no marks.  But for a first attempt, I’m happy.


Sailor moon inspired earrings made from shrinkable plastic.


First comic!

I know this thought has crosses my mind before, I’m sure it has for you too?After saturday’s Crystal episode, I was reminded of it even more so.

What if Jadeite had been a little more pro-active in getting all that energy he needed…..

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Guess what my favorite 40K Class is

Guess what my favorite 40K Class is

Full Version Moon Pride! With music video to boot!! :D


Moon Power, Change!